Trout Fishing Season Begins March 29

Every year, on the last Saturday of March, trout season begins. It last until October 31.

Trout fishing is available for anyone ages 16 to 64 with a Georgia fishing license and a resident fishing license. The fishing license is nine dollars, and the trout license is five dollars for a Georgia resident. They are annual licenses that help support the North Georgia Wildlife Resource Division.  

You can purchase your license online or at a White County License Agent. You can find the closest agent near you by going to this website and choosing White County in the drop-box:

It allows for anglers to fish in various public ponds, rivers, and creeks. These are the best places to fish for beginners because they are heavily stocked with rainbow, brown and brook trout. Chattahoochee River watershed upstream on Highway 75 Alternate bridge is a great place to fish for trout. The bridge overlooks a calm river with gentle rapids during this time of year. It travels down to Georgia Highway 225 bridge.

Other seasonal creeks include Sautee and Smith Creek that flow downstream along the sinuous path between the forestry downstream to the Unicoi Dam. Lastly, the Town creek watershed goes upstream from the mouth of the Jenny Creek (Jenny is named after a female mule).

If you choose to fish for trout here are some quick tips to be successful.
1.)    Make your bait look natural. Most trout only take bait when it appears as natural as possible, and not bound in a “worm ball.”

2.)    Neutralize your hands. Before beginning to bait your hook, clean your hands. Trout have a keen since of smell and can easily detect scents of tobacco or even the food you had for lunch. These scents, if not removed from your hands, will transfer onto your bait, and the trout will detect it. These smells can drive them away. So to remedy this, grab a handful of dirt and rub it into your hands before you go fishing. This will neutralize the smell and erase any foreign scent.

3.)    Use gang hooks. They have the versatility of snagging fish from various angles, and allow you to put more bait on the hook. This may increase your chance of getting a catch!

Need more information on trout fishing tips or locations? Please contact us.