Wildlife Wonders - North Georgia Zoo

North Georgia Zoo & Petting Farm is home to over 80 different species of exotic animals.  From Alligators, monkeys, kangaroos, wildcats, zebras and more!   Get up close and personal with some of our amazing animal ambassadors.  Join us for our new guided tours to give you the ultimate experience with some of the most amazing animals around.

The zoo is located on 30 acres of beautifully wooded land and nice pasture.  There is a tranquil waterfall and a creek that winds its way through the zoo. This creek helps keep the air cool in the summer and  provided hours of entertainment for the different animals here at the zoo.
Wildlife Wonders animals are loved and cared for by a passionate and educated staff. This same staff is excited to have you come to us for the first time and learn more about the animals, enjoy interaction with many animals and have an experience you won't forget.

Each animal has a habitat built specifically to suit their needs. All our habitats are approved by USDA.   On the guided tour you will get to see where some of our animal ambassadors spend their time when they are not traveling.

We want our animals to have full lives.  We provide that in many ways, such as the many hours of training and interaction the animals get with their trainers and the time they spend interacting with the public. During these performance programs, the animals experience new smells, new scenery and make new friends.  When animals tire of traveling, we take them out of the rotation; we never force them into public interaction.

Enrichment can be as simple as giving a cardboard box to a primate (loads of entertainment)!  A fresh cut pine branch will give the phalangers hours of extra chewing.

Wallabies love step stools and wolves enjoy playing with huge deer bones.  Give a parrot some corn on the cob or new wooden toys for hours of destruction and play.  We are always adding new enrichment ideas for the animals!


Friday 10am - 4pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Open on select weekdays. Days will be posted soon.

Call the office for dates/hours at this time. COME VISIT US!  You will LOVE IT! or We can BRING the ZOO TO YOU! Great for VBS, Parties, Festivals and more!