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  • How To Turn Your Social Media Into Business Media

  • How To Turn Your Social Media Into Business Media

    Social Media Made Simple With Automation Services

    There's a number of online tools and services designed to make social media management simple and stress-free for companies, providing you with a seamless, worry-free way to attract and retain your online audience.

    Some of the most well-known social media automation apps for businesses include HootsuiteSproutSocial, and Buffer. While the features vary slightly between each product, each one is designed to give you a one-stop interface that allows you to quickly monitor all of your social media accounts at once, schedule posts, and track tags and mentions.

    Social media automation tools also provide advanced features like analytics that allow you to track which posts are most popular, monitor for negative comments, and link with other apps like YouTube Analytics.

    Turn Your Blog Into A Newsletter

    Another valuable way to increase the ROI of your social media efforts is turning the content in your blog into a newsletter that you can share through your feeds and distribute through your email list. Transforming your blog into an email newsletter is simple using the five steps outlined by the Content Marketing Institute here.

    Share Content From Industry Experts

    Social media isn't all about you and your business - it's about sharing content that supports your messaging and aligns with your brand. Look for opportunities to pass on information about your industry on your social media feeds. Not only does sharing relevant content save on the volume of unique content you need to create, but it also helps to position your business as a subject matter expert in your field.

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