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  • Does My Business Need Brand Ambassadors and How Do I Get them?

  • Does My Business Need Brand Ambassadors and How Do I Get them?

    3. Recruit Based on Goals

    How you recruit brand ambassadors is based largely on your goals. For instance, you’ll recruit bloggers by reaching out directly to influencers who match your ideal customers. An idea for mass recruitment is to run contests or sweepstakes to be part of the ambassadors’ group. Creating exclusivity around it will increase sign-ups.
    If you have a small, relatively unknown business reach out to your most loyal customers and let them know you’re putting together an exclusive group and you’d like them to be a part. Be specific about what’s in it for them such as special member preview sales, discounts, swag, etc.

    4. Provide Frictionless Ways to Help Them Do What You Ask

    Whatever it is you’re asking them to do, make it easy on them. If it’s a social media ambassador program, give them a content round-up of your most popular content, making it easy for them to share to their networks. If it’s blogger outreach you’re doing, give them exclusive opportunities to review new services or products ahead of everyone else.

    5. Give Them Something Too

    You don’t want your brand ambassador program to turn into a pay-to-play situation. That’s not ethical and doesn’t sit well with an audience knowing there was an exchange of goods and services for whatever they’re providing you. However, since they are doing you a favor, you should find ways to delight them as well. For instance, send them special “insider” swag. Comment on and circulate their content. Make an introduction that you know will be of use to them. Find little ways to increase their loyalty by being a good business “friend.”

    Why All Businesses Need Brand Ambassadors

    Brand ambassadors can provide an amazing service to any size business because word-of-mouth marketing is among the most powerful kind. People believe other customers, even if they’ve never met them. A successful brand ambassadors program can increase customer loyalty, but only if you meet their needs as well. Having a team of ambassadors should never be solely about your business. Give them reason to want to help you by helping them.

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