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  • 5 Step to Take When Your Audience Stops Sharing Your Posts

  • 5 Step to Take When Your Audience Stops Sharing Your Posts

    Ditch the Dream of the Free Lunch

    If you’ve been producing content for a few years now, you may remember the days of creating good content that got seen and shared freely. Then businesses like Facebook decided they wanted to monetize and the dream of a free lunch quickly came to an end. They started off slowly and quietly offering businesses paid for content if they chose to do so.

    It’s no longer a choice.

    Only a fraction of your audience will see your content, if you’re not paying for it. On my personal page I like about 100 businesses/pages. Unless I go to my pages feed, I rarely see them. My stream is filled with friends info and groups I belong to. I’ve even asked to see some of these pages but you know how that goes...Zuckerberg knows best.

    Speaking of which...if people aren’t seeing your content posting it to a fitting Facebook group or starting your own is a better way to get seen than simply posting it to your page. If you don’t have the time or inclination to start your own Facebook group, start paying to get seen.
    End of discussion. 
    Look for New Share Sources
    It may be time to start sharing your content on a new site such as Medium or a new Facebook group that could help you reach your ideal market. By “new” I’m referring to new to you. If you’re old referral sites aren’t bringing you much traffic, try something that might be better aligned with where your audience is. For instance, a lot of younger people are leaving Facebook for Instagram. If your market is teens and early twenties, you’ll want to consider sites like Instagram and Snapchat.

    No social site’s audience remains the same forever. Today’s rock song is tomorrow’s elevator music.
    Understand Content Is Changing
    In a recent report released by BuzzSumo, they found that there is “immense saturation” as more and more businesses embrace content marketing. There’s been a decline in social shares (even in viral posts). The “median for content shares” fell 50% in 2017.
    In order to stand out in an oversaturated market, you need to do something to stand out like becoming an expert in your industry or providing a resource that others don’t. For many, that includes “complete guides” and “everything you need to know” posts. These can be time-consuming. Some sites have found considerable success with posting fewer, high-quality pieces as opposed to quick, frequently posted articles.
    Today’s content demands are changing and businesses need to keep up with them if they expect their content to continue to be shared. If you are noticing a difference in your content shares, it’s likely time to revisit your production and posting strategy.

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