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  • 4 Valuable Things You Can Share with Your Business Audience

  • 4 Valuable Things You Can Share with Your Business Audience


    A Funny Story

    Humor has a way of connecting people. If you’re not sure how to share humor by telling a funny story, watch a stand-up comedian’s routine (the family-friendly kind). Notice that they talk about things we can all relate to. Think about Jerry Seinfeld. He simply points out the obvious. Watch Dana Carvey’s early stuff about his kids. These masters of comedy share things that are common human experiences. You can do the same. Humor is relatable and relating to someone helps them get to know you, which is critical to building the know, like, and trust that leads to more sales.

    A Product, Service or Membership You Love

    It’s the golden rule, right? Do unto others… If there’s something you’ve tried and loved, why not share it with your tribe? Even if it’s not directly related to your business. Here’s why. First, you’re making another business owner or staff feel good. You’re sending on a compliment. If they listen on social media, there’s a chance they’ll see it and, at the very least, check you out. In order help ensure this, link to their site or tag them in the post. You’re also assisting your tribe because you’re sharing something you found worthwhile. And finally, people appreciate those who aren’t always talking about themselves.

    A Helpful Reminder

    Is there something your audience is interested in? Perhaps the hours of the local fireworks display? Even if the interest does not directly have anything to do with your business, you can share it as a resource. Ever notice when you find someone who seems to be in the know you turn to them for help on things that aren’t even directly associated with them? Maybe you sought out your favorite teacher for career advice when you were younger and that career advice had nothing to do with their specialty. You likely did so because you trusted them and valued their opinion. You can become the same valuable resource for your community.
    Sharing content that your audience needs is an incredible way to build loyalty and top of mind recognition. Just remember it needn’t all be business related. Being a community resource is an even better way to build connections than sharing solely about the product or service you offer.

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