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  • 3 Proven Things to Make Your Audience Look Forward to Your Facebook Posts

  • 3 Proven Things to Make Your Audience Look Forward to Your Facebook Posts

    Keep It Positive

    This isn't just a comment about the current political environment, it's general good advice for your business. I was listening to a podcast today where a business owner was lamenting about how Amazon had unfairly enacted a rule against (just) her. To most people that sounds comical, but she spent several minutes talking about how that is the story of her life and that things always go a different way for her then they do everyone else. She sounded put upon and a bit ridiculous and I immediately unsubscribed from her podcast.
    I’ll never know if she had good advice to offer because I was turned off by her rant. If she believed she was singled out for bad things to happen to her, I questioned her ability to give good advice.
    Don't let the same happen to you. People have enough disheartening information in their lives right now. Be a center of good feelings or a safe harbor for them. Let them know through your posts, not by directly saying it, that they can always come to you for inspiration and good news.
    This doesn't mean you shouldn't share the bad things that happen. But you should share them from a place of understanding or thankfulness and not one of whining and hurling insults at whatever caused--or in your mind caused--the problem.

    Share Things That Are Important and Unique

    Suggesting you share things about your personal life makes a lot of people uncomfortable but there's no better way to connect with someone. And it's connections that create loyal customers.
    Share things about your life that others can identify with like your pets doing silly things, a funny story or an amusing coincidence, or your intense love or hatred of a particular rarely thought of food like candy corn. These types of things make you unique yet help people identify with you at the same time. This helps build relationships.  
    These Facebook tips may seem basic but they’re the most common things that people neglect to do. When posting for business, people are often hesitant to share their quirks. They want to keep it all busines.
    If you want to build a connection with your audience, you need to engage them in the same way you would do in person. Make them feel important and talk about things they are interested in.

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