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  • 3 Common COVID Personalities and How to Market to Them

  • 3 Common COVID Personalities and How to Market to Them

    Personality 1: don't tread on me

    There are many people out there who are currently displeased with government due to the business closure that began earlier this spring. They disapprove of government intervention and hate being told to do things they see as personal choices like wearing masks. If you cite health reasons and protection, they will remind you of the statistics and how many people recover from this illness.
    If these are your customers, you will need to walk a fine line between following local health ordinances and not making these people feel like they’re being ordered around. Business owners who want to appeal to this persona are taking a casual approach to things like mask wearing. They're inviting customers who would like to wear a mask to wear one as well as welcoming those who don't want to wear them.  

    Personality 2: don't breathe on me

    These customers take social distancing very seriously. They will turn around and avoid going down an aisle if there's another human in it. They wear their masks religiously and avoid interaction with people as much as possible. They may ask your staff to touch things so that they don't have to.
    Marketing to these customers requires in-depth explanations of how you are keeping them--as well as your staff--safe. These people will call your business and want to know what you're doing before patronizing you. So do your best to get the message out there on your own through social media and your website. Be ready with specifics. They’ll want to see images and wait times.

    Personality 3: don’t make it any harder on me

    This is probably where most of your customers are right now. They don't mind practicing social distancing, but they also aren’t ready to join large groups. They’re trying to exercise caution while still enjoying themselves.
    To reach this group you want to communicate what you're doing, how easy it is to purchase from you, any expectations on how you've changed business operations, and any updated hours or things that are limited in their availability. This middle group could easily become one of the first two personalities if statistics change greatly over the next few months. That's why if you want them to continue to be customers you need to keep up strong communications.
    These are strange times we're navigating. People are reacting very differently to them. While tailoring your marketing has always been important, it's extremely so now. People no longer walk into businesses without questions. There are so many things they're curious about. Your social media marketing--both paid and unpaid--should be working to reach these segments by giving them the information they need.
    Doing business with a company has gotten a little bit harder with COVID-19. But many of us want to begin purchasing goods and services again. Making sure you're sending out the right message is the best way to attract customers to your business instead of them turning to the competition.

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